Basic Preventative Maintenance

Your computers are just like you; they need a checkup every once in a while. Otherwise they are vulnerable to overheating, virus infections, and data loss. With our preventative maintenance you gain the peace of mind that your computers are working as reliably as you need them to.
Included Benefits
Free In-Store Preventative Maintenance
At sign up and every 6 months we provide free scheduled maintenance
Priority Repair Service
We put you ahead of the line whenever you need emergency service
Preventative Services
Physical cleaning (not including cosmetic) of workstations and servers
Antivirus updates and quick scan
Operating system updates
Clean temporary files
Checking backups
Scanning hard disk drives (HDD) for errors
Scanning Random Access Memory (RAM) for errors
Inspecting free space on workstations and servers
Network speed test
Battery health checkup
$10/Month/3 Computers