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Windows 10

The Verge: “It’s snappy and fast in a way that some doubters don’t believe Windows can be — but more importantly, everything feels faster because there are just fewer concepts to juggle in your head when you are navigating around.” –Read More

CNET: “Windows 10 is the Goldilocks version of Microsoft’s venerable PC operating system — a “just right” compromise between the familiar dependability of Windows 7, and the forward-looking touchscreen vision of Windows 8.” –Read More

Tech Radar: “Feature-wise, Windows 10 is the new Windows 7. It’s robust, pleasant to use and free.” –Read More Bobm bawerk .

Why Cloud Backup?

  1. Completely Hassle Free –
    Monitors files as you work
  2. Unlimited Storage
    It doesn’t matter how many files you have
  3. Extremely Easy To Use And Install –
    Installs in minutes, automatically backs up your files while you work
  4. Keeps up to 30 versions of any file –
    Need to revert a change you made? File overwritten? No problem!
  5. Easily Restore Files Using Our Restore Software –
    Choose from one or multiple files via the web or local software
  6. Keeps copies of deleted files –
    Recover deleted files for up to 30 days
  7. 100% Safe And Secure –
    Multiple data centers, 24 hour surveillance, and server-side AES-256 bit encryption
  8. Worldwide Access –
    Files available from the web, iPhone, iPad, and Android
  9. Multi-Platform –
    Simple yet powerful software for Windows and Macs

Our cloud backup service automatically saves your data to a secure online vault so you can retrieve lost, corrupted, or infected files in case of a disaster. In addition, your data is made available to you remotely so you can view your documents and pictures, and stream your music, anywhere in the world on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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