Q?How quickly should I expect my electronic device to be returned?

All repairs require your device to be checked in and left with our technical team.  An approximate time frame can be requested at the time of check-in.  We help all customers on a first come, first serve basis.  In general, you should expect diagnostics to take 24-48 hours, and the repair itself to take an additional 24-48 hours. Having to order specialty parts for your repair will cause applicable delays to which you will be warned of with your free estimate.

Expedited services may be available for some repairs, please see a store associate for details.

Q?Do you repair printers, fax machines, scanners, etc.?

The short answer is no.  The simple reason is most repairs on this type of equipment cost more than replacing it. If you believe your equipment is an exception, for example adding RAM or a network card to a commercial grade printer, please contact us first.

Q?Do you warranty your work?

Every job comes with a warranty and/or guarantee.  Warranties cover hardware, physical parts used to repair your electronic device.  Every hardware manufacturer includes their own warranty on the part, and we match this with a guarantee covering the labor for the same length of time.  For example, Western Digital includes a 2 year warranty on most of their hard drives.  In this case Western Digital covers the part for two years, and we match a labor guarantee of 2 years so you will have $0 out of pocket cost if the part fails within its warranty period.

All labor only repairs include at least a 30 day guarantee, with minor exceptions to follow.  This means if we repair your electronic device and you experience the same issue within 30 days, we will cover the cost to re-perform the same repair, or put your original payment towards a more appropriate repair option.  Unfortunately we CANNOT guarantee any repair involving virus infection once the electronic device leaves the store.  We can test the device with you before you leave the store to show that all issues have been resolved.  We can also give you tips and pointers on how to avoid virus infection in the future.

For more details, please see a store associate.

Q?What should I bring when having my electronic device repaired?

When in doubt, bring everything you can think of to the store.  In addition to the device itself, you should bring power adapters, batteries, and all software disks.  If your device includes any license keys, such as a Windows Product Key which is not affixed to the device, please bring these as well.