FBI Virus

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Forbes.com Lists Out Description:
Let’s look more closely at some of the elements here:
-An “official” FBI seal
-The blaring warning: “Your computer has been locked!”
-Some variation of the message, “You have been violating copyright and related rights law.”
-Your IP address (or at least what purports to be).
-Realistic-looking and very detailed instructions on how you can pay a fine within the next 48 hours (here’s where MoneyPak comes in) and have your computer unlocked. Green Dot MoneyPak (which I had never heard of before this), per the notice, can be purchased at major retailers such as WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, Kmart, etc.

MoneyPak Warns:
FBI Internet Scams: You’re on your computer surfing the internet when all of a sudden, your screen locks up with a message pretending to be from the FBI or another federal agency. The message states that there has been a violation of federal law punishable by fines and penalties and directs you to pay them using a MoneyPak immediately or criminal charges will be filed and your computer will remain locked. You follow their instructions and pay them using a MoneyPak but your computer remains locked up and you realize this was a scam.

From answer.Microsoft.com
You’ve been infected with one of the latest versions of ransomware….unfortunately no antimalware program (including Windows Defender on Win 8) provides 100% protection.

For the full Forbes article, continue here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidwismer/2013/02/06/hand-to-hand-combat-with-the-insidious-fbi-moneypak-ransomware-virus/

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