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CNET.com warns:

“This is a piece of malware known as a rouge (Troj:Rouge.Fraud). This software tricks you into buying it even though it’s fake. These can be very hard to remove and very annoying.”

“Pros: NONE unless you enjoy trying to remove malware. Spent an hour trying to get rid of it, even through the registry. But it showed up again without the uninstall.exe.”

“Cons: Malware. Does nothing but irritate you. Does not work. Does not do anything it promises.”

“Summary: CNET needs to remove this software from its website, unless they feel it is OK to infect computers.”

Excerpt From xp-vista.com:

“PC Optimizer Pro is a fake optimization tool aimed at stealing users’ money and information. Despite the fact that this program looks like a genuine and reliable application, it has nothing to do with legitimate software and it is created by online criminals to compromise your computer and gain access to your sensitive details.”

“PC Optimizer Pro is a bogus tool and it has nothing to do with effective security applications. This is a rogueware intruder, which has entered your PC together with Trojan horses. It enters computers together with freeware software or is downloaded from malicious sites.”

Although methods do exist to remove this malware, untraceable payloads from it can be left behind. The fastest and safest resolution for this problem is having the infected computer formatted. If you are infected, and used your credit card or other payment method in this program, please contact your financial institution immediately to cancel the payment and have your credit card replaced.

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